Sunday, December 13, 2015

Beat The Cheat - Holiday Eating Tips From A Picky Doula

I'm picky and particular and choosy, oh hell, I'm tough as nails sometimes.  And my clients respect me for this. When I bring someone to them for another modality related to birth such as Chiropractic or Acupuncture, they know that practitioner is terrific. Why? Because I'm PICKY! Haven't you been reading?

Things I look for in a complementary practitioner for myself as well as my clients are good character, trustworthiness, RELIABILITY, RELIABILITY RELIABILITY and their ability to listen and hear, as well as their competency in their modality.

Today I bring you Eulix Vargas, Licensed Acupuncturists who writes about nutrition from an Eastern Medicine point of view. [That's pronounced YOU LICKS for all you EU challenged preggies out there reading my blog;)]

Eating during the holidays is a tricky thing even for the non-pregnant crew. Lots of cakes and cookies and other tempting food calling out to you "eat me mommy, eat me, just one!"

Here are some tips from Eulix on how to beat the cheat!

Eulix is a mother of a four-year old who I had the unexpected privilege to catch at at a wonderful home-birth. She is an amazing mix of crunch and reality. Don't expect to see her (or me) with a hippy skirt on, long braids, and eating hemp. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ;)

Without further adieu today's guest post and sound advice from Eulix [YOU LICKS - totally true and pun intended. Get it? Food, nutrition, and YOU LICKS, you know you licks the foods. never mind. read on already, hurry up!]

"Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies to Stay Fit–and Still Have Fun"

Good, healthy holiday eating can make the difference between an enjoyable holiday season and a miserable one. The trick is to enjoy treats without overdoing them. Make a healthy holiday eating strategy and plan to enjoy the holiday celebrations without feeling bad the next day.
To read her 9 Tips continue reading here.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pregnancy and Weight Gain

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has issues an OPINION piece, called a Committee Opinion, this month on physical activity during pregnancy. This opinion replaces an earlier opinion published in 2002.

Their recommendations are that all healthy women with healthy fetus' have at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, every day, from the earliest onset of their known pregnancy throughout the entire pregnancy until the birth of their child.

"Women with uncomplicated pregnancies should be encouraged to engage in aerobic and strength-conditioning exercises before, during, and after pregnancy."

As a Childbirth Educator and a Certified Doula I have always taught that it is important for pregnant women seeking a better birth, to have aerobic activity every day. I always suggest a brisk walk for one hour, every day of the week.  The proper diet and caloric intake coupled with a one-hour brisk walk will not only help maintain proper weight gain for the full 40-42 weeks of pregnancy, but it will strengthen a mother's endurance, her muscles and make her healthier over all.

The added benefits to this regimen is that it "reduces the risk of gestational diabetes in obese women, and enhances psychologic well-being", according to ACOG.

ACOG concludes there is no evidence of harm to mother or baby when not contraindicated (see chart) and observational studies of women who exercise during pregnancy have shown benefits such as decreased cesarean and operative vaginal delivery (vacuum and forceps), and postpartum recovery time.

To learn more about nutrition during pregnancy and other important topics for a better pregnancy and childbirth it is recommended that you take a childbirth education class between week 12-15 for optimal results. Although taking an education class at any point in your pregnancy is important, I highly recommend the sooner you take your classes the better. The earlier you begin learning the important information, the more time you will have to apply the topics to your life and receive the most benefits.

I teach private Childbirth Educational Classes in the privacy of your home anywhere in NYC and Nassau County, NY. Private classes take two sessions that are generally 3 hours each visit. My classes cover the topic of nutrition and exercise in a comprehensive manner. Once a month I also teach a one-day intensive that includes a lecture portion from Eulix Vargas, LAc (Acupuncturist) on the pressure points that can help during pregnancy for numerous health issues including, sleep, pain, emotions, breech babies, and help to get labor started when and if needed. This one-day intensive is 8 hours and is in a classroom setting with other parents (based on interest of five or more couples at a collective time.)

For more information or to schedule a private class or sign up for our next one-day intensive class please visit or call 917-617-7905

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Well, apparently blogging is the trendy thing to do. And while I started this blog years and years ago, well before the height of Facebook and Twitter, I focused on actually being a Doula and working with my clients and really let my blog just sit.

Now, I'm told (wink wink) that google has decided that if we are to get decent rankings so that you can find our businesses, we have to blog. It's set in their algorithms. Sigh.

I'm kind of a straight-forward gal. Any of my clients already know this about me, and love me for it. And I kind of resent that a glorified yellow pages has decided that in order to gain relevancy status for you to see my services, I must spend my time typing away to provide them content. Does a Professor post their entire content of their class and then get students to pay to sit in his or her class? No they do not. You're probably laughing right now, or at least I hope you are. Because the idea of it is beyond laughable. But that is what we are being driven to do. And you can't fight city hall or google. So I'm back!

I just want to be a Doula, Your Doula!

These moms and dads wanted my help as their Doula too. Read here what they have to say about my dedicated services.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birth In Nature: Natural Birth

This video is about 22 minutes long. If you want to see the actual birth you can forward to around 15 minutes. But this video is worth the watch.

This type of scenario may not be for everyone. Many people, no matter what is presented will never be comfortable with a birth outside of a hospital. And this site owner respects those views and decisions 100%.

This video is being shown for the purpose of demonstrating how calm and relaxed a birthing mother can be, as well as how the baby can be. There are far too many slanted television shows, that for dramatic purposes, show only scared screaming women, fearful doctors and over-used interventions, leading the public to believe that their representation IS birth. IT IS NOT!

Birth can be calm, uneventful, peaceful and empowering. And this site owner has been witness to that very type of birth in hospitals with her clients.

Monday, February 18, 2013


On January 17, 2013 the New York Times Blog printed an article by Jennifer Margulis "What You Don’t Know About Episiotomies Can Hurt You."

If you do not know what an episiotomy is, below is the definition:

An episiotomy is a surgical cut from the vagina to the anus, on the area of a woman’s body known as the perineum. Once routine, it continues to be a“common obstetrical procedure,” according to the authors of the 23rd edition of Williams Obstetrics, the 1,385-page manual that serves as a textbook for obstetricians.

Jennifer brilliantly has put together research about the risks associated with this once common procedure that for some OBs is still the norm. "Episiotomies are actually associated with more postoperative pain, a much greater likelihood of tears in the anus (ouch), and other complications. One study showed that women who had episiotomies were as much as six times more likely to report fecal or flatus incontinence than women who delivered with an intact perineum."

She goes on to inform use that:
"“Fifty percent of the episiotomies I’ve done were because my supervising staff wanted to go back to bed,” one obstetrician, who recently finished her residency, told me. This doctor has a colleague, an obstetrician in private practice, who “loves epis” and cuts them during almost every vaginal birth."

So just who is this procedure better for? Mom or doctor? The W.H.O. recommends that this procedure be done 10% or less of the time. In otherwords, it should not be used routinely and there is no medical reason for routine episotomies.

For the full article in the NYTimes click here.

For more information on childbirth education visit

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why IS The C-Section Rate So High?

“Those are not small lawsuits,” he said. “I personally have not been sued, but if I get sued for $10 million, I know I’m out of business, because my insurance willl be so high that I won’t be able to continue practicing.” -Obstetrician/gynocologyst Dr. John Neeld of the Willamette Valley Medical Center, "the combination of a doctor worried about possible lawsuits if his interpretation turns out wrong, and a patient afraid for her baby, and determined to take any action necessary to ensure its safety, often leads to a C-section that, in hindsight, was probably not necessary," he said.

Dear Mommas: This is why you and your partners must advocate for yourselves. Please understand that many of the decisions that your OBs are telling you you must have are stemming from this very place.

To read more of the article that Dr. John Neeld is quoted in please visit here.

If you are pregnant and planning to birth in NYC or Long Island our educated and experienced Doulas can guide you through the experience and help you bring your child into the world peacefully. Visit us at

Saturday, January 14, 2012

When Should I Sign Up For Childbirth Education?

Congratulations on your upcoming birth! Now what? Should you take a childbirth class? Well, it is true I am biased, so my answer is of course you should.

However, I am not the only one who believes this. Robin Elise Weiss from agrees with this NYC Doula too.

The biggest reason to take a childbirth class and take it early on in your pregnancy is so that you have the time to act upon the information given. I'll never be able to stress this enough. If I had $100 for every time I received a phone call from a crying mother-to-be asking for my help in finding a practitioner who will take late transfers because at week 35 the practitioner told her that she would not be allowed to do something she thought her practitioner would have no problem with, well I'd be standing in a whole lotta green cash right now.

In NYC it's nearly impossible to get an OB to take you onto their roster once you are past 20 weeks. Therefore I always suggest that pregnant couples start my childbirth education classes on their 15th week. My childbirth education classes stress how to cultivate strong communication skills between the parents and the practitioner. Starting at your 15th week allows the parents the freedom to transfer, with ease, should they discover that the OB they are with does not envision their birth as they do or wish.

Upcoming Childbirth Education classes in Queens, NY are starting soon. If you'd like to enroll in the next class series or book a private class in your home please visit