Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jennifer Block Rocks

Author and Activist Jennifer Block of the amazing book Pushed had her opinion printed in the LA Times today. Midwives deliver America needs better birth care, and midwives can deliver it.

In her article you learn that the number one reason people in the United States are admitted to the hospital is for childbirth.

You got it folks. Not heart attacks, cancer, car accidents. NOPE. Childbirth.

"Six of the 15 most frequent hospital procedures billed to private insurers and Medicaid are maternity-related."

Milbank Memorial Fund, the Reforming States Group and Childbirth Connection have published research findings that show that the medical establishment is NOT following evidence-based best practices.

In the short year and a half I've been a Labor Doula I've witnessed what Ms. Block states: "They are inducing and speeding up far too many labors ." I and my clients have been lucky enough to not have ended up in C-sections thus far. However 1/3rd of all laboring women do end up in a c-section. The World Health Organization states the acceptable level of c-section rates should hover around 10%.

Were you aware that the most common billable materinity procedure is the continous fetal heart monitor? And to this day there are absolutely ZERO studies proving medically that there is any benefit to this procedure yet I can tell you that in the North East it is all too common to require a laboring mother to be hooked up to this loud and scary sounding machine, with a bunch of excuses as to why she must comply. Tsk Tsk...MONEY!

Here's another fact that will knock you out of your seat. Most hospital births cost from $7K-$16K. However the cost of having your baby at a birthing center with a Midwife is around $1600.

And Ms. Block tells us that at those birthing centers, "Mother and baby are more likely to have a normal, vaginal birth; less likely to experience trauma, such as a bad vaginal tear or a surgical delivery; and more likely to breast feed."

Informing you one post at a time.