Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm Using A Midwife So I Don't Think I Need A Doula

I've heard this said to me from some recent moms to be, who have sought me out asking about my Doula services.

"I'm going to have a Midwife so I am not sure I will need a Doula."

I've attended 10 births in a year and a half. I've worked with Midwives and OB's in hospitals and at home births. I clearly understand my role as a Doula. I clearly know how important it is to have a Doula even if my client chooses a Midwife instead of an OB.

However, I never know how to answer this statement made to me. If I answer this I feel that my answer is being interpreted as suspect because I have a stake in the outcome.

So today I am asking those of you who have used a Midwife to leave your comments about your birth experience and what it was like if you used a Doula or not and how you felt about the experience. If you did not use a Doula, do you regret it and would you use a Doula the next time? Was your Midwife with you through your entire labor?