Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birth In Nature: Natural Birth

This video is about 22 minutes long. If you want to see the actual birth you can forward to around 15 minutes. But this video is worth the watch.

This type of scenario may not be for everyone. Many people, no matter what is presented will never be comfortable with a birth outside of a hospital. And this site owner respects those views and decisions 100%.

This video is being shown for the purpose of demonstrating how calm and relaxed a birthing mother can be, as well as how the baby can be. There are far too many slanted television shows, that for dramatic purposes, show only scared screaming women, fearful doctors and over-used interventions, leading the public to believe that their representation IS birth. IT IS NOT!

Birth can be calm, uneventful, peaceful and empowering. And this site owner has been witness to that very type of birth in hospitals with her clients.