Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Well, apparently blogging is the trendy thing to do. And while I started this blog years and years ago, well before the height of Facebook and Twitter, I focused on actually being a Doula and working with my clients and really let my blog just sit.

Now, I'm told (wink wink) that google has decided that if we are to get decent rankings so that you can find our businesses, we have to blog. It's set in their algorithms. Sigh.

I'm kind of a straight-forward gal. Any of my clients already know this about me, and love me for it. And I kind of resent that a glorified yellow pages has decided that in order to gain relevancy status for you to see my services, I must spend my time typing away to provide them content. Does a Professor post their entire content of their class and then get students to pay to sit in his or her class? No they do not. You're probably laughing right now, or at least I hope you are. Because the idea of it is beyond laughable. But that is what we are being driven to do. And you can't fight city hall or google. So I'm back!

I just want to be a Doula, Your Doula!

These moms and dads wanted my help as their Doula too. Read here what they have to say about my dedicated services.