Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Vaccine Discussions Within the Birth Community

I had an "interesting" exchange today. Another Doula posted on social media asking for advice on how to talk to a couple who asked her what they should do about vaccinating their child and I answered the post.

I explained that I teach about this topic and was immediately told the couple isn't in NYC. The group is a NYC based group. So I further stated I can travel and also am available via Skype.

The next post from another birth-worker passive -aggressively posted that all that is needed it to tell the couple to read the insert and decide for themselves.

There is so much loaded in the above that I think parents in New York, NY don't realize. The community has become super politicized over money and ideas about money that the mere mention that you teach anything, can get their backs in a twist. So I took my discussion private and went off list explaining that the topic is quite involved and that I offer a two-hour class that gives all the comprehensive information that helps couples understand the topics and how to look at the information and stated that if this couple wanted to read something, they would not have asked her for her guidance.

I was told my approach was overwhelming although she agreed with me.

I have to say that I think that new parents who wish to have Doula support, really need to do more research into the personalities and the culture of the community before the choose a Doula to work with.

While I understand the topic of vaccines IS overwhelming, my approach has always been to research and break down information and then offer it to clients to help them understand it in the most underwhelming way. And yes, I earn a living doing this. And you should want me to do so.

There are books out there to read. I've written about one called The Vaccine Friendly Plan. But many new parents are already overwhelmed by the information and the time it takes to read a book along with so many other books to read and transitioning to this new phase of their lives, PARENTHOOD. To have someone come and work one-on-one with them, bringing the information forward in a format that takes a lot of the stressors away is extremely valuable.

I have spent hours and hours researching and reading. But somehow in some circles earning money is a dirty word. Marketing yourself is a dirty word.

When I earn my own living with the hard work I do, I am beholden to nobody, but those who pay me.

I caution new parents against working with birth workers with private agendas and insecurities about earning a proper living because they have an ulterior motive.

My motive is information driven and the desire to give my paying clients what they want and need.

If you'd like to sign up for my vaccine information classes you can visit my website at www.nycdoulaservice.com or call 917-617-7905. I travel anywhere in NYC and Nassau County and Westchester County.

Monday, April 10, 2017

This Doula's Visit To The Dentist

Yesterday I had my six month dental cleaning. I travel pretty far from my home to Brooklyn to keep using him. I really like this guy. He's young and he has a really good demeanor.  I'm not the best dental patient. I'm a confident Doula. Nothing about birth scares me. But going to the Dentist raises all my anxieties. So he is worth the trip.

However, as he is cleaning my teeth and I'm explaining to him that I want to do whatever I can to preserve my gums so I don't lose my teeth like my parents did, he starts telling me how fluoride in the water is the difference between me and them.

And I put my hand up so he would stop working in my mouth and I said, "I never use toothpaste with flouride. It's an endocrine disruptor and very bad for those with autoimmune disorders. Using it twice a year at a Dental visit is fine but not in the water or toothpaste."

This delicious Dentist I really like then said to me, "The government wouldn't allow it if it were bad."

We haven't had the conversation, YET, but Cochrane, a global and independent group of researchers that take all the data and compile analyze and throw out bad research and then write about the results has concluded that fluoride in the water DOES NOT prevent adult cavities.

My Dentist's explanation was that I grew up with fluoride in the water and they did not and therefore this was why they lost their teeth and I won't.

I still like him. He is just misinformed. Besides that cavities and gum disease are two different things and that he is young and is like most medical professionals that don't learn in school about toxins, he is a really nice guy, with a great calming personality who takes his time cleaning my teeth, letting me stop for breaks and spit and breath and catch my breath and doesn't yell at me for my gag reflex. So I'm going to inform him of the data and hopefully he will do more research and be open-minded.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Vaccines: A parent's real life conversation with their Pediatrician

Since my post about the book, "The Vaccine Friendly Plan" I received email from a parent in Westchester asking me for help finding a Pediatrician who is open to a delayed vaccine schedule.

With permission I'm posting what they wrote to me about their experience communicating with their current Pediatrician when asking them questions about vaccines.

"I asked my doctor at the last visit why we were giving the hep b shot if we don't have hep b and he's not having sex. The doctor said because we might forget to do it when he is older. The doctor also had no idea how much aluminium was in the vaccine or what the daily limit is for a baby. It's really scary."

I thought this was important to show. As a Doula I'm asked  a lot about why a doctor will say the things they do and suggest the things they suggest. I almost never have a good answer. But I'm a Doula and I clearly have an agenda. When parents start speaking out, when they start posting what is being said to them, when other parents feel supported in knowing they are all hearing the same answers that don't make sense, then and only then will change be possible.

How is it the a medical doctor, a Pediatrician does not know what the daily limit is for the safety of the amount of aluminum for a baby? Shouldn't this be something every Pediatrician knows?

The first statement is even more concerning to me. The explanation that the doctor gave is that "we might forget" for the reason an infant is given a vaccination that is for a sexually transmitted disease.

Who is "we"?  Is the doctor saying s/he will forget? Why would the doctor forget? Isn't that their job? Are they saying the parents will forget what to do for their own child? That is pretty insulting to say the least.

Why ARE we giving infants a vaccination that in other countries is not given, that is for the sole purpose of preventing a sexually transmitted disease? Are we worried that a baby is going to have sex?

Besides that none of this reasoning makes any sense, it has been found that the efficacy of this vaccine does not even last until the child becomes a teenager. Most teens have been found to have lost the protection by the time they have grown up and would need it again anyway?

For more information, pick up Jennifer's book "The Vaccine Friendly Plan" I'm told it's on Amazon and going for a bargain of $7. (Price subject to change due to the date of this post.)

For more information on my labor Doula services in NYC and Westchester and Nassau County, visit: www.nycdoulaservice.com

Photo Credit: https://vaccineimpact.com/2016/consult-your-doctor-on-vaccines-medical-doctors-receive-little-to-no-training-on-vaccines-in-medical-school/

Thursday, April 6, 2017

How many vaccines are given to infants through age five today?

Did you know that the vaccines you received as a child and the vaccines your children are receiving are not the same, in quantity and in chemicals?

Did you know that the vaccine schedule changed starting in the 1980's?

Today as of the year 2017 by the age of five when your child goes to school he or she will have received 117 vaccines?

Yes you read that number correctly.

How many vaccines did you get when you were a child?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vaccines and Vaccine Schedules

As a professional Doula for 10 years, I'm finding more and more pregnant mothers and fathers asking me what I think about Vaccines.

Vaccines are a hot topic. Since I started blogging, albeit, on and off taking long hiatuses, many years ago, there has been this new entity called "Social Media"

Did you hear that ominus music playing when you read those two words? DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

Facebook, Instagram and a million other sites have taken over. If you are on any of them and are a mother or about to be a parent and have taken the leap into those parenting groups I'm sure you have already seen the heated exchanges on this topic.

I'll write another post about the bullying and the emotionally charged statements at a later date.

For now I'm using MY bully pulpit to write about the evidence on vaccines.

I'm reading the following book, " The Vaccine Friendly Plan" and it's quite comprehensive. What I like about the Author, Jennifer Margulis is that she's pretty level headed and sticks to the topic. And when you don't agree with her she doesn't attack you. And believe you me, she and I do not always agree on some hot topics. But for the most part I think her methods and research is solid.

There's a lot to learn about vaccines and it will take many posts to go through it all, that is after all why she wrote a book. So here's what I think most parents need to know to get started into this world of information.

Vaccine schedules have changed tremendously over the last 40 years. Please note the date of this post. Way way back in the days of the dinosaurs in the 1970's the amount of vaccines each child received was tremendously different and we did not prick a newborn not even an hour old with a needle to vaccinate him or her for a sexual transmitted disease like we do today.

With the changing times, more and more vaccines have been added and during that time period we have seen a rise in autism and other neurological problems with children rise.

That is called correlation.

And that is where I'd like to leave you today.