Monday, April 10, 2017

This Doula's Visit To The Dentist

Yesterday I had my six month dental cleaning. I travel pretty far from my home to Brooklyn to keep using him. I really like this guy. He's young and he has a really good demeanor.  I'm not the best dental patient. I'm a confident Doula. Nothing about birth scares me. But going to the Dentist raises all my anxieties. So he is worth the trip.

However, as he is cleaning my teeth and I'm explaining to him that I want to do whatever I can to preserve my gums so I don't lose my teeth like my parents did, he starts telling me how fluoride in the water is the difference between me and them.

And I put my hand up so he would stop working in my mouth and I said, "I never use toothpaste with flouride. It's an endocrine disruptor and very bad for those with autoimmune disorders. Using it twice a year at a Dental visit is fine but not in the water or toothpaste."

This delicious Dentist I really like then said to me, "The government wouldn't allow it if it were bad."

We haven't had the conversation, YET, but Cochrane, a global and independent group of researchers that take all the data and compile analyze and throw out bad research and then write about the results has concluded that fluoride in the water DOES NOT prevent adult cavities.

My Dentist's explanation was that I grew up with fluoride in the water and they did not and therefore this was why they lost their teeth and I won't.

I still like him. He is just misinformed. Besides that cavities and gum disease are two different things and that he is young and is like most medical professionals that don't learn in school about toxins, he is a really nice guy, with a great calming personality who takes his time cleaning my teeth, letting me stop for breaks and spit and breath and catch my breath and doesn't yell at me for my gag reflex. So I'm going to inform him of the data and hopefully he will do more research and be open-minded.