Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Vaccine Discussions Within the Birth Community

I had an "interesting" exchange today. Another Doula posted on social media asking for advice on how to talk to a couple who asked her what they should do about vaccinating their child and I answered the post.

I explained that I teach about this topic and was immediately told the couple isn't in NYC. The group is a NYC based group. So I further stated I can travel and also am available via Skype.

The next post from another birth-worker passive -aggressively posted that all that is needed it to tell the couple to read the insert and decide for themselves.

There is so much loaded in the above that I think parents in New York, NY don't realize. The community has become super politicized over money and ideas about money that the mere mention that you teach anything, can get their backs in a twist. So I took my discussion private and went off list explaining that the topic is quite involved and that I offer a two-hour class that gives all the comprehensive information that helps couples understand the topics and how to look at the information and stated that if this couple wanted to read something, they would not have asked her for her guidance.

I was told my approach was overwhelming although she agreed with me.

I have to say that I think that new parents who wish to have Doula support, really need to do more research into the personalities and the culture of the community before the choose a Doula to work with.

While I understand the topic of vaccines IS overwhelming, my approach has always been to research and break down information and then offer it to clients to help them understand it in the most underwhelming way. And yes, I earn a living doing this. And you should want me to do so.

There are books out there to read. I've written about one called The Vaccine Friendly Plan. But many new parents are already overwhelmed by the information and the time it takes to read a book along with so many other books to read and transitioning to this new phase of their lives, PARENTHOOD. To have someone come and work one-on-one with them, bringing the information forward in a format that takes a lot of the stressors away is extremely valuable.

I have spent hours and hours researching and reading. But somehow in some circles earning money is a dirty word. Marketing yourself is a dirty word.

When I earn my own living with the hard work I do, I am beholden to nobody, but those who pay me.

I caution new parents against working with birth workers with private agendas and insecurities about earning a proper living because they have an ulterior motive.

My motive is information driven and the desire to give my paying clients what they want and need.

If you'd like to sign up for my vaccine information classes you can visit my website at www.nycdoulaservice.com or call 917-617-7905. I travel anywhere in NYC and Nassau County and Westchester County.