Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mom Boards Are Biased - Beware

Beware of the mom boards on the Internet as many are used to freely to speak ill about doulas and other birth professionals.

Those boards are full of bias as the moms are the powerhouse behind them and financially support them and get away with murdering the reputations of good professionals without those professionals allowed any recourse.

Remember that when you are only allowed to read one-side of a story you are NOT getting the full information you need to make an educated decision about a birth professional you might be hiring.

Birth is a delicate time in a woman's life. The current medical situation that the doctors and hospitals create often muck up the process and often leave the parents feeling overwhelmed, angry and disappointed. Sadly and too often these bad feelings become misguidedly projected onto the doula and other birth professionals. Then these boards become the attack ground.

When I complained recently about a reply to a post from a mother seeking revenge on a doula she was not happy with, my post was removed and I was accused of flaming the mother, simply by asking that she consider that there are many issues in the birth situation and to give all parties time to heal.

If you are searching for a doula to hire I ask that instead of reading posts from mothers seeking revenge and writing how angry they are, that you instead seek out the posts and stories from those with good birth experiences instead.