Sunday, December 13, 2015

Beat The Cheat - Holiday Eating Tips From A Picky Doula

I'm picky and particular and choosy, oh hell, I'm tough as nails sometimes.  And my clients respect me for this. When I bring someone to them for another modality related to birth such as Chiropractic or Acupuncture, they know that practitioner is terrific. Why? Because I'm PICKY! Haven't you been reading?

Things I look for in a complementary practitioner for myself as well as my clients are good character, trustworthiness, RELIABILITY, RELIABILITY RELIABILITY and their ability to listen and hear, as well as their competency in their modality.

Today I bring you Eulix Vargas, Licensed Acupuncturists who writes about nutrition from an Eastern Medicine point of view. [That's pronounced YOU LICKS for all you EU challenged preggies out there reading my blog;)]

Eating during the holidays is a tricky thing even for the non-pregnant crew. Lots of cakes and cookies and other tempting food calling out to you "eat me mommy, eat me, just one!"

Here are some tips from Eulix on how to beat the cheat!

Eulix is a mother of a four-year old who I had the unexpected privilege to catch at at a wonderful home-birth. She is an amazing mix of crunch and reality. Don't expect to see her (or me) with a hippy skirt on, long braids, and eating hemp. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ;)

Without further adieu today's guest post and sound advice from Eulix [YOU LICKS - totally true and pun intended. Get it? Food, nutrition, and YOU LICKS, you know you licks the foods. never mind. read on already, hurry up!]

"Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies to Stay Fit–and Still Have Fun"

Good, healthy holiday eating can make the difference between an enjoyable holiday season and a miserable one. The trick is to enjoy treats without overdoing them. Make a healthy holiday eating strategy and plan to enjoy the holiday celebrations without feeling bad the next day.
To read her 9 Tips continue reading here.