Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vaccines and Vaccine Schedules

As a professional Doula for 10 years, I'm finding more and more pregnant mothers and fathers asking me what I think about Vaccines.

Vaccines are a hot topic. Since I started blogging, albeit, on and off taking long hiatuses, many years ago, there has been this new entity called "Social Media"

Did you hear that ominus music playing when you read those two words? DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

Facebook, Instagram and a million other sites have taken over. If you are on any of them and are a mother or about to be a parent and have taken the leap into those parenting groups I'm sure you have already seen the heated exchanges on this topic.

I'll write another post about the bullying and the emotionally charged statements at a later date.

For now I'm using MY bully pulpit to write about the evidence on vaccines.

I'm reading the following book, " The Vaccine Friendly Plan" and it's quite comprehensive. What I like about the Author, Jennifer Margulis is that she's pretty level headed and sticks to the topic. And when you don't agree with her she doesn't attack you. And believe you me, she and I do not always agree on some hot topics. But for the most part I think her methods and research is solid.

There's a lot to learn about vaccines and it will take many posts to go through it all, that is after all why she wrote a book. So here's what I think most parents need to know to get started into this world of information.

Vaccine schedules have changed tremendously over the last 40 years. Please note the date of this post. Way way back in the days of the dinosaurs in the 1970's the amount of vaccines each child received was tremendously different and we did not prick a newborn not even an hour old with a needle to vaccinate him or her for a sexual transmitted disease like we do today.

With the changing times, more and more vaccines have been added and during that time period we have seen a rise in autism and other neurological problems with children rise.

That is called correlation.

And that is where I'd like to leave you today.