Friday, April 7, 2017

Vaccines: A parent's real life conversation with their Pediatrician

Since my post about the book, "The Vaccine Friendly Plan" I received email from a parent in Westchester asking me for help finding a Pediatrician who is open to a delayed vaccine schedule.

With permission I'm posting what they wrote to me about their experience communicating with their current Pediatrician when asking them questions about vaccines.

"I asked my doctor at the last visit why we were giving the hep b shot if we don't have hep b and he's not having sex. The doctor said because we might forget to do it when he is older. The doctor also had no idea how much aluminium was in the vaccine or what the daily limit is for a baby. It's really scary."

I thought this was important to show. As a Doula I'm asked  a lot about why a doctor will say the things they do and suggest the things they suggest. I almost never have a good answer. But I'm a Doula and I clearly have an agenda. When parents start speaking out, when they start posting what is being said to them, when other parents feel supported in knowing they are all hearing the same answers that don't make sense, then and only then will change be possible.

How is it the a medical doctor, a Pediatrician does not know what the daily limit is for the safety of the amount of aluminum for a baby? Shouldn't this be something every Pediatrician knows?

The first statement is even more concerning to me. The explanation that the doctor gave is that "we might forget" for the reason an infant is given a vaccination that is for a sexually transmitted disease.

Who is "we"?  Is the doctor saying s/he will forget? Why would the doctor forget? Isn't that their job? Are they saying the parents will forget what to do for their own child? That is pretty insulting to say the least.

Why ARE we giving infants a vaccination that in other countries is not given, that is for the sole purpose of preventing a sexually transmitted disease? Are we worried that a baby is going to have sex?

Besides that none of this reasoning makes any sense, it has been found that the efficacy of this vaccine does not even last until the child becomes a teenager. Most teens have been found to have lost the protection by the time they have grown up and would need it again anyway?

For more information, pick up Jennifer's book "The Vaccine Friendly Plan" I'm told it's on Amazon and going for a bargain of $7. (Price subject to change due to the date of this post.)

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